Started IT English training for global IT business leaders course
Made a partnership with the University of Kelaniya and started supporting to launch IT English training for global system engineers course.(SriLanka) info-img1.jpg
Started global SE support for system development for India.(India)
Made a partnership with Pacific Tree International Language Academy and started supporting to launch IT English course for SE.(Cebu, Philippines)

Our Logo

Wallaby is a motif of the logo of Agile Technology.
Wallaby is equipped with an amazing jumping power and can jump continuously at a speed of 40km/h.
It also has a physical endurance with which it can move 100km per day.

- Infinite possibility is spreading over the field of IT -

We made it our motto to pursue always a new frontier with a flexible thought of our
respective staff when we have set up Agile Technology.
It is not allowed to stop ourselves in the field where we take active part.
Wallaby also does not stop in the boundless wilderness.
It keeps jumping again today in the wide land.
We placed such strength of wallaby in our logo.