Regardless of existing system or new one, we provide a consistent service for consulting, SI, development, operation, maintenance and even for the training of global SE who will intermediate with overseas, including system evaluation, improvement or new planning in every field.



We conduct our service for system audit(evaluation, improvement, planning)and others by our professional consultant.

Consultation about informatization strategy
Planning of IT strategy which corresponds with the purpose.of the enterprise.
Consultation about IT infrastructure
Consulting about information infrastructure (network, security, etc.) based on the planning.
Consultation about operation and maintenance
Consulting about management and designing for the operation.
Consultation about system audit
Audit for entire system.

System integration

Provision of consistent service from a system improvement to a new development, introduction and operation.

Domestic development service
Provision of service related to the development such as improvement of the existing
system as well as planning, production and testing of the new system.
Infrastructure service
Provision of service to sort the bases for network, security or server, regardless of existing or new system.
Operation and maintenance service
Provision of service to make a necessary plan for the control of operational service and to take a necessary measure for the fragile system, regardless of existing or new system.

Helpdesk/call center

We support our customer not only as consulting, but also for the introduction and the management of the system.

Desktop service

Through the temporary visit or the permanent resident, engineer will support our client in case of fault handling of the hardware or setting up of the environment of client's machine.

Education service

This service is to globalize the business and to train the human resources.
We will arrange a training curriculum with time schedule suitable to the environment of our customer.
Professional lecturers with fluent English and Japanese capability will be in charge of the domestic training or in abroad.

Contents of the education:

Offshore practice education
We will support on IT global training for operational system engineer.
We will conduct the practice education on how to describe and express in both English and Japanese language as global service engineer, in addition to the education for concept and fundamentals of IT terms, case definition and basic/detailed designing.
Support on the production of training curriculum
We will support on the close inspection of training content as well as the production of training materials which are directly related to the particular works of respective company.
Support on the application of subsidy for training costs
We will support on the application of subsidy for training costs depending on the situation.
Nurturing of the trainer
We will conduct the professional nurturing of the trainer who could teach the operational system engineer.
We will continue to support our customer even after the nurturing so that the customer could get more trainees.
We will realize the nurturing of the trainer which is specialized in the particular business training in case of internal nurturing of the company.

Promotion service

We will conduct the business support for domestic and foreign companies by utilizing our IT technology.
We will conduct the planning, designing and production of the website, its operation and even the publicizing and advertising activities.
We will support under the perfect partnership with different companies of planning, advertising, printing and media.